• Important Attributes Of A Tennis Hitting Tee

    A good way to practice your tennis game on your own is with a hitting tee. This simple training aid, which you can buy at any sports retailer that carries tennis equipment, shares some common design features with a baseball hitting tee. Namely, you place your ball atop the tee, stand back, and hit it. You can use a tennis hitting tee at your local court or even in your driveway or yard.
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  • Rubber Flooring For Your Home Gym: It's Worth The Investment

    When you set up your home gym, your first thought may be to stick with whatever type of flooring you currently have in there. This is definitely the most affordable way to go. However, if you can afford to invest a little money in a new floor, rubber flooring, then this is the way to go. Here are some key advantages of having home gym rubber flooring.  You won't have to put down a mat to do exercises.
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  • Give The Gift Of An Electric Bike To Your College-Bound Teen

    Many people buy electric bikes for themselves to use as a way of commuting to work or simply getting out and enjoy the fresh air more often. While this method of transportation is useful to purchase for yourself, it never hurts to think about those in your life who may benefit from it, too. If you have a college-bound teenager, you might be looking for one or more gift ideas for them before they depart.
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