Rubber Flooring For Your Home Gym: It's Worth The Investment

Posted on: 18 June 2021

When you set up your home gym, your first thought may be to stick with whatever type of flooring you currently have in there. This is definitely the most affordable way to go. However, if you can afford to invest a little money in a new floor, rubber flooring, then this is the way to go. Here are some key advantages of having home gym rubber flooring

You won't have to put down a mat to do exercises.

There are a good number of exercises that involve you lying on the floor. Leg lifts, bridges, planks — they're all pretty uncomfortable to do if your floor is hard. You could, of course, put down a mat before you do these exercises, but that can get time-consuming. Plus, the mat is one more piece of gym equipment you have to store. With rubber flooring, the floor tends to be soft enough that you can do your exercises directly on it, without a mat. This simplifies your routine, which could mean you work out more.

You can keep it clean.

Other soft flooring options, like carpet and foam, are tough to keep clean. Once you get sweat in a carpet, it's really hard to clean up! Rubber flooring, on the other hand, can be wiped clean with basically any cleaner you wish to use. This will keep your gym floor looking and smelling fresh, even if you spill your drink or sweat a lot.

You'll have cushioning under your feet.

If you ever do any high-impact exercises like jumps, jumping jacks, or high legs on your gym floor, you really want a floor that has some cushioning. These exercises can be hard on your joints when performed on concrete or hardwood! With a rubber floor, you're less likely to deal with issues like IT band syndrome and shin splints from all of the impact. 

Your weights won't damage the floor.

Of course, you never intend to drop a weight on the floor, but it happens from time to time. With concrete flooring, you may leave a dent in the floor. With hardwood, you'll crack the wood. Rubber, though, is soft enough that the weight will typically land without doing any damage.

Adding rubber flooring to your gym does cost a bit of money, but if you can manage the expense, you'll be glad you decided to invest. This is simply the safest, cleanest, and most versatile option for your gym floor.


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