Important Attributes Of A Tennis Hitting Tee

Posted on: 27 October 2021

A good way to practice your tennis game on your own is with a hitting tee. This simple training aid, which you can buy at any sports retailer that carries tennis equipment, shares some common design features with a baseball hitting tee. Namely, you place your ball atop the tee, stand back, and hit it. You can use a tennis hitting tee at your local court or even in your driveway or yard. If you have a net, you can hit balls into the net. Otherwise, you might hit them into a fence or wall and then retrieve them. If you're shopping for a tennis hitting tee, look for one that has these attributes.


It's important for your tennis hitting tee to allow you to adjust its height. Most tees offer some degree of adjustability, but you should choose a tee with as much adjustability as possible. Not only will you want to adjust the tee based on your own height, but it can be useful to make adjustments so that you can practice hitting balls at different heights off the ground. In a tennis game, your opponent won't strictly hit balls so that they're at the height of your waist when you need to return them. Being able to adjust your tee and practice hitting high balls and low balls will help you make you feel more comfortable with these types of shots.

Tether Anchor

It's possible that you don't have a large amount of space in which to practice with your tennis hitting tee. In this situation, you may not want to hit balls because of concerns over where they could end up. A simple solution is to fix a tether to a tennis ball, but you'll want to ensure that your hitting tee has some type of anchor for the other end of the tether. This may be a simple loop around which you can tie a knot. You can then use a length of tether that is appropriate in your practice environment.

Heavy Base

When you assess a few different tennis hitting tees, one thing to notice is how much the base of each product weighs. The heavier the base, the less likely you'll be to knock the tee over. Occasionally, you may swing errantly and hit too much of the top of the tee with your racket. A tee with a light base would almost certainly topple over in such a scenario, whereas one with a heavy base would remain upright. Learn more about hitting tees and other training aids wherever you shop for tennis equipment.

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