Give The Gift Of An Electric Bike To Your College-Bound Teen

Posted on: 7 January 2021

Many people buy electric bikes for themselves to use as a way of commuting to work or simply getting out and enjoy the fresh air more often. While this method of transportation is useful to purchase for yourself, it never hurts to think about those in your life who may benefit from it, too. If you have a college-bound teenager, you might be looking for one or more gift ideas for them before they depart. In many cases, an electric bike can be a good choice. You can visit a local shop to buy a bike as a surprise, or perhaps announce that you want to get your teen this gift and then visit the shop to browse together. Here are some reasons that this can be a perfect gift for a college student.

It Offers Affordable Travel

College students are often on tight budgets, which means that they seek to do things affordably. Local travel is on this list, and whether your teen needs to travel to a part-time job or visit friends, they want to do so affordably. Having an electric bike will allow your teen to travel affordably. They won't need to spend money on transportation methods such as taking a subway or bus. Instead, they can hop on their new electric bike and get to wherever they wish to go.

It Provides A Source Of Exercise

Even though electric bikes have motors, riders can still pedal as much as they'd like. As a parent of a college-bound teen, you're likely keen on encouraging your teen to get regular exercise. Some college students fail to exercise daily and may end up gaining weight or feeling depressed. Exercises such as cycling are valuable for keeping a healthy body and a healthy mind, so knowing that your child has an electric bike at their disposal will make you feel confident that they'll get regular exercise.

Many Colleges Are Bicycle-Friendly

A lot of colleges that have large campuses are bicycle-friendly. You'll often find dedicated bike paths around campus, as well as bike lanes on some of the streets. Cycling is a popular way for students to get around large campuses in a short amount of time. Not only will your teen be able to use their new bike to travel to and from locations such as their dorm, classrooms, the library, and more, but they may also wish to ride the paths for pleasure on weekends.

For more information on electric bikes, speak to a local company.


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