3 Football Picks Games To Play With Friends Through The Season

Posted on: 26 July 2022

The NFL season schedule places a majority of games on a Sunday and makes it easy to set up a wide range of fantasy games and pick 'em games. Along with traditional fantasy football leagues or pick 'em leagues, you have the opportunity to create a wide range of new games for you and your friends.

Turn football Sunday into a big competition where you can offer prizes and make every game truly matter with the selections you make. Check out some unique football pick games you can play each week throughout the NFL season and learn how to use free football picks to help make your selections and try to win.

1. Total Scores

Instead of simply predicting who will win the game, have players in your pool predict the total score within a game. For each game, a person can predict the total score of both teams or you can set up the scores as individual teams. The goal is to get as close as possible. Players receive points for the difference in scores and the person with the lowest score wins for the week.

For example, if a team scores 14 points and the person predicts 21 points, then they will receive 7 points for the team. Repeat the scoring process for each game. When you study football picks today, you can read analysis and details on team scores, average points, and how well an offense does with touchdowns and field goals.

2. First-Quarter Winners

Change the way you pick winners in a game. Have players in your pool select the team who leads after the first quarter. You also have the option to pick the first half as well. If a team comes out strong and gets an early lead, you do not have to worry about any crazy comebacks or score changes.

When you check out free football picks online, you can see box scores and how well teams perform in certain quarters or halves of a game. Some teams will come out stronger while others take a little bit to get their momentum going.

3. Ultimate Survivor Picks

In a survivor pool, players will pick one team guaranteed to win, but they cannot pick the same team any other weeks of the season. In an ultimate survivor pool, you can make the team choice the main selection and then expand to different categories. For example, players can pick a wide receiver who will score a touchdown or a quarterback who throws a touchdown.

Play around with different categories so people have plenty to choose from.

Browse through football picks today to see what options you have and fun ways to create unique pools with friends.


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