• Three People For Whom A Kayak Stabilizer Is Ideal

    If you're just getting into the sport of kayaking and want your family members to enjoy this outdoor activity, too, you'll want to invest in good beginner-caliber kayaks for everyone. You'll also need to think about a number of worthwhile accessories, including life jackets, safety kits, and other similar devices. Yet another useful accessory is a stabilizer — which consists of a pair of floating elements that mount to each side of your kayak on a pair of short arms.
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  • 4 Types of Fishing Gear You Need for Your Next River Trip

    Fishing in a river is a favorite pastime of many people. However, it is something that has it's limitations if you only show up to the river with your fishing rod and tackle box and try and cast off from shore. The typical trip to the river involves you standing on shore and casting out into the river with hopes of catching some fish. However, that is not the only thing you can do when fishing the river.
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