3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Bicycle Outside

Posted on: 12 March 2016

Sometimes space constraints and other issues can lead to you wanting to park your bicycle outdoors, but overall, this is not a good idea. Although purchasing a higher-end bike with better materials can allow your bike to last longer, you can still experience issues with your bicycle if you leave it outdoors too much. These are three common issues that you might notice.

1. Your Chain Could Rust

One of the first things that you might notice after leaving your bike outdoors is that your chain might begin to rust. Not only can this make your bike look poorly-kept, but it can also be dangerous if you continue to ride your bike with a rusty chain. Changing your chain should be relatively affordable and easy, but it's a messy job when there is rust in the picture. Plus, the costs can really add up if you find yourself replacing the chain often due to rusting.

2. Plastic and Rubber Parts Could Wear Out

Your bike probably has some plastic and rubber parts, such as your rubber tires and plastic covers. These components can be affected after being left out in the sun; this can be a problem any time of year but will be even more of an issue during the hot summer months. You may notice that your components will start fading out and looking worn out, even on a relatively new bike. Over time, plastic parts can begin to crack, and rubber parts can begin to soften and split.

3. Bolts Could Get Stuck

Another corrosion-related issue that you have to worry about is your bolts and other similar components becoming rusty due to exposure to rain, snow and the elements. This can cause these parts to break down, and it can also cause them to become "stuck" so that they are difficult to remove. Parts that are beginning to corrode can be dangerous, and it can be a lot harder to take your bike apart to replace parts or to clean it if the bolts are rusty and "stuck" in place. In this situation, you may have to hire a bicycle repair professional to assist you.

As you can see, it's really best not to leave your bicycle outside for long periods of time if you can help it. Although leaving it out every now and then might not be a big deal, it is better to store it in a garage, under a shelter or somewhere inside the house. Talk to your local bike shop for more info on protecting your bicycle. 


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