Your Little One Loves Baseball? 2 Tips To Create The Perfect Baseball Themed Birthday Party

Posted on: 7 December 2015

It can be difficult coming up with a new theme for your child's birthday year after year, so if your child is currently in love with baseball, take advantage of it and ask them if they would like a baseball-themed party. This is an easy theme to integrate into a child's party, and along with choosing sports-related party decor and having a cake decorated with baseball and bat, here are some ideas for tackling the tougher party tasks, including choosing the perfect venue and keeping the little ones entertained. 

1. Great Venues for Your Little Baseball Lover's Party

Finding the right venue for your child's baseball themed party can be as easy as looking into whether your local minor-league baseball team has event rooms or pavilions on-site that are rented out for private parties. If you are lucky, they may even rent the actual field when it is not in use, giving you not only a great venue to use, but a place where the children can even play the game during the party. 

For example, if you live in Tulsa Oklahoma, ONEOK Field that is home to the minor-league team, The Tulsa Drillers, rents out all of the above right on the premises. If the weather is warm, you can rent a party pavilion right next to the field or the field itself when it is not in use. Also on the premises is a fun splash zone where the kids can play in the water to cool off and TD Williamson Kids Zone. Cold party days work well in the enclosed event rooms also in the complex. 

When renting a space at a baseball field with so many fun activities also included, you won't even have to worry about finding extra ideas for entertaining the children. 

2. Baseball-themed Party Entertainment Ideas

If you are renting out a baseball field or another outdoor area, then the children can have fun playing "baseball" with devices tailored to their ages. Young children are best at T-ball, where a stand holds the ball up for them to whack off with a bat and run the bases. Older children can use real balls and bats, but only if they all have the important equipment needed to play the sport safely.

If they don't have all the equipment needed to play the sport safely, that is okay, because you can just have them play with plastic safety bats and soft balls. Simple competitions like "who can throw the ball the farthest?" and having the kids take turns trying to hit the ball off the tee onto a specific target are great for young children who aren't quite ready to learn the real sport yet. 

If your party is indoors, you can play games like pin the baseball on the diamond (instead of pin the tail on the donkey) and even provide the children blank baseball jerseys for them to decorate with their names and the designs of their choice. Plenty of art supplies and a jersey each can keep them entertained for hours. 


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