How To Improve Your Basketball Shooting

Posted on: 19 October 2015

If you play basketball, you might feel like the game boils down to three distinct parts: moving with the ball, preventing others from moving with the ball, and shooting. Shooting is a difficult skill for many people because it requires precision under pressure. Whether you are shooting from the key and only have a few seconds to line up the shot before someone blocks you or are trying to make a free throw with everyone's eyes on you, you might feel like you are not properly equipped to perform your best. Here are some tips for improving your shooting.

1. Film Yourself Shooting

Have a friend use his or her phone to film you shooting baskets from every angle and in every situation. This is important because it will allow you to make sure that your form is correct when you're shooting. While watching the videos, make sure that your arms and elbows are not skewed too far outside of your chest area; make sure that you aren't jumping and hanging in the air for too long before attempting the shot and that you land directly in front of where you started if you jumped to make the shot. All of these things contribute to whether or not you made the shot, and it can be difficult to assess them all in the moment. With a camera, you can step away from the action and make sure that your'e doing it properly.

2. Use Rebounding Equipment

If you spend an hour at the rec center taking shots, that's awesome. But are you really spending the full hour shooting? Or, are you spending about 30 minutes shooting and 30 minutes chasing the ball around the court? The extra time that you spend trying to get the ball back can be put towards your shooting. Use a rebounding machine to make sure that the ball is returned to your hands neatly, each time. This will allow you to ensure that get the maximum practice time. If you don't have equipment, have a parent, fellow player, friend, etc. retrieve the ball for you.

3. Don't Think When You Make the Shot

Think your shots through during practice, not during the game. If you are taking the time several times a week to practice your shooting, chances are good that your body knows how to do it. Your body knows which muscles are supposed to work and how a shot is supposed to feel. The only thing that is getting in your way is your head. Try to clear your mind every time you have the ball in your hands in order to decrease the chances that you overthink or over-adjust, and therefore miss your shot. Don't forget to practice with a loud defender on you so that you can learn how to shoot under pressure.

If you don't see any improvement with your form, you may want to check out some basketball coaching sites for more tips. Others may be having the same problems that you are facing and have shared their experiences. Talking to a coach or attending a camp can also improve your form and help you learn from more experienced players. 


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