Tips To Run Faster

Posted on: 9 October 2015

Running faster is nearly every runner's goal. Whether you are training to run a marathon or just running to help get you back into shape, you probably want to run a little faster or even a little farther. You can do it! With just a few helpful tips you can improve your running speed.

Go Slow

This may sound silly, but you should begin your speed training slowly. Try to increase your aerobic endurance by incorporating aerobic workouts in with your running training. Try a cycling class or enroll in an aerobics class to help build up your endurance. Also, before a run work in a warm-up with some stretches such as lunges to prevent injuries, ease you into your run and to warm up your muscles.

Work On Your Form

Your form will help you in your goal of running faster. You should have relaxed arms that move opposite along with your leg movement. Your feet should hit the ground in a heel to toe movement. Watch professional runners and pay attention to their form and movement to help you.


Running with the help of music or a tracker are nice to have, but every once in awhile just unplug. Focus instead on your own breathing, your form, listen to the sounds around you including your feet hitting the pavement. This will help you concentrate more on yourself, rather than the distractions of your music or other technology.

Challenge Yourself

Running the same mile each day may be fine for a little while, but every so often give yourself a bigger challenge. Run some hills, run up that sand dune, try a trail run, just challenge your body a little bit more. You'll begin to see that by challenging yourself, you are pushing past your comfort zone and providing your body with more strength and endurance.

Don't Set Limits

Don't set limits for yourself. If you feel like you can run a little further, do it. Don't quit just because you've run your 20 minutes or that one mile you were looking to run. Push yourself further and set goals rather than limits. 

The tips above will help get you running faster and further in no time at all. Don't be afraid to compete in race; the challenge of a race will help perk up your competitive edge, which will make you want to improve your speed as well.

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