Is A Flat-Bill Hat Right For Your Golf Game?

Posted on: 8 October 2015

You might be thinking that the type of hat you wear on the links really doesn't matter. Anything that keeps the sun out of your eyes when you're hitting those delicate chip shots around the greens should suffice, right?

But it turns out there's a reason to wear the flat-bill hats that are gaining popularity on the course. You may think they're for younger guys -- Rickie Fowler is a prime example -- but there are benefits from a flat bill for golfers of all ages.

Improved Sun Blockage

Most people think of baseball hats when they think of the brim coverage. In baseball, players wear hats to keep the late afternoon sun and the nighttime ballpark lights out of their eyes. The idea is that a curved brim shields the sides of the eyes to provide more protection in this environment. 

But look at the science and how it applies to golfers, who play in mid-day sunlight. If you, like most people, wear your hat at the ear line (and not over your ears) then you have a baseline height for where the hat can be positioned on your head. With a constant arc like a curved-brim hat sports, your width of coverage from overhead sunlight is decreased by nearly 20 percent

A hat with a curved brim can't block more overhead sunlight than one with a flat bill unless you were to wear it lower than your ear line. So for sun protection during your regular mid-day rounds, a flat bill may be your best option. 

A flat-bill hat that goes over the ears may be even better -- but that's further than many golfers are willing to go. Which brings us to... the style of flat bills in golf.

Style and Trendiness

Most golfers are not known for their attention to the latest trends. In fact, many golf purists actively decry flat-bill hats as a teen trend inspired by gangster style. 

But in the 70s and 80s, many golfers wore what we would think of as flat-bill hats. Players like Lee Trevino, Hal Sutton and Corey Pavin wore hats that used to be thought of as "golf" hats -- no curved brim like the baseball caps of the day. Worried about getting razzed by your regular foursome if you perch a flat-bill hat on your head as your round starts? Remind them how golf hats used to be and why the flat brim works better for most golfers.

If you're curious but not sure that you're ready for this commitment, you can always purchase a flat-brim hat and give it a try. Hats are easy to change; if you decide against the look, just bend the brim to your desired roundness and try again.

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