Preserving An Autographed Sports Jersey: Important Dos And Don'ts

Posted on: 2 October 2015

Getting a sports jersey autographed by your favorite player is an exciting experience for any sports fan. However, regardless of whether you want to keep the jersey as a souvenir forever or plan on selling it for a profit, the fact remains that you'll want to preserve your jersey and the autograph for as long as possible. Keep some important dos and don'ts in mind to help you protect the autographed jersey and its value as the years go by.

DO Consider Having it Framed

The best thing you can do to protect an autographed jersey is to have it framed. This way, you can proudly display it without having to worry about it becoming stained, faded, torn, or otherwise damaged. When having a jersey framed, however, make sure you specify to the frame shop that you want UV-protective glass. Otherwise, a framed jersey hung in an area that receives lots of natural light could lead to a faded signature over time.

DON'T Wear it Frequently

If you don't want to frame your jersey, at least make an effort to protect it by hanging it up in a protective plastic liner within your closet. While it might be tempting to show your autograph off by wearing the jersey, you should also try to limit how often you do so. Every time you wear it, you're putting it at risk of becoming stained or otherwise soiled. You might consider wearing it in the house for good luck on game day from time to time, but beyond that, do your best to keep it out of harm's way.

DO Set the Signature With an Iron

If you're planning on washing the jersey at all (more on this in a second), take the time to set the autograph into the fabric, which will make it less prone to fading. You can do this by turning the jersey inside out and placing a towel down underneath the autographed side of the jersey. Then, iron (on a low-heat setting) over the autographed portion while the jersey is inside out.

DON'T Throw in the Washer

If you have to wash your jersey, never simply toss it in the washing machine with some detergent, as it will be bound to fade within a couple of washes. Instead, wash an autographed jersey by hand using gentle detergent and being careful to avoid getting the autograph wet as much as possible. Hang to dry.


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